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I am a photography student studying commercial photography at the arts university college bournemouth. My home town is London born and bread there, i am to move to New York where i am currently interning please see my second blog all about my experience here. Feel free to ask any questions.
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Latest series on The Woolwich Ferry

Day 5 end of week one!

I woke up knackered from a busy day before, to being served a wonderful breakfast of omelette and bagel by Luc (my friend I am staying with) what a lovely morning. So finally awake and feeling 1/2 ready I set off for work 1st stop is over to Bushwick on the J line to pick up the lighting from Mike Keane and Owen a film maker and director of photography. Getting there early as I thought I was going to get lost but I seem to have got quite used to NYC I headed up to the 3rd floor to introduce myself, having woken owen up! 

But they were both lovely and sorted me out with everything we needed for wednesday, I hopped into a cab over to Chrissy’s ready for a day of work first on the list we needed to walk the dogs, a bulldog who tries to eat other dogs and a boston terrier who thinks everything needs to be marked with wee :D But I absolutely love them and am sure going to miss having dogs around. 

Back to the apartment armed with coffee and ready to work, firstly follow up emails to those who i met last night, a very important task indeed. Then back to creative briefs which i adore doing its like creating mini digital sketchbooks around each shoot. 2PM came round fast and we ordered in lunch shortly after we headed over to a gallerie in Bedford walking with the dogs too i have no idea what this lady at the gallerie must of thought when we are standing in her gallery with two dogs discussing the contract for Chrissy and Dans opening event there. But it was a great space different areas and a back yard allowing a great event space, with a lot of potential for a busy, arty launch party.

After the meeting we headed back dropping into the location for Wednesdays shoot a narrow bar space full of life, colour, atmosphere and best of all it was a dive. But i loved it, the kind of bar i can imagine having lots of stories behind it all. It is a crazy location perfect for the shoot and i cannot wait for Wednesday to come around for the photographing to begin!

Yankees game tomorrow couldnt be more excited…….. Best week ever

Experimenting having a bit of fun with a 4x5 scan that had exposed and developed wrong